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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Life Post: The Problems with School Bathrooms (and my first blog post ever!)

Am I the only person who has problems with peeing at school when other people are in the bathroom? There are only two situations where I don't have a heart attack in the bathroom while peeing:

1. When there are so many people in there you can't hear me peeing. Taps running, girls giggling, toilets flushing; I'm cool. 

2. When I'm the only one in the bathroom. QUEEN OF THA TOILETS. DATS ME. 

But no. Usually, I do not get to be this lucky. Instead I get stuck in what I like to call CAMI SITUATIONS. From now on,  there will be regular "Cami situations" posts. Because me being me, my life is one big situation. Anyways...

Usually what really happens is I walk into the bathroom, only to find a girl crying or sitting on the toilet in silence. If I attempt to pee, it either doesn't come to me (there's just not the right ambience!) or it will only come and go, so it sounds like I have a peeing defect (of course). If I decide not to pee, I'll just stand there and stare at myself despondently. Oh, how I wish I could pee. But I can't. Because I'm weird.

So here we are, my first blog post, about me peeing. I hope if anyone stumbles across my blog, they find this funny, or relatable, or both. Maybe even comment? Or maybe not. But whatevah. 

Stay cool, 
(cos I am, in my home of fucking frigid canada)
((and now I'm sick, ew))

Cami ▫️

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