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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hey folks, it's been a minute!

Kate and I have been extremely busy busting our butts at school. It is exhausting. And emotionally draining. And what I imagine hell to be like, except less fun.

I won't go into the boring details, but let's just say that I am currently not The Universe's biggest fan at the moment. Is it weird that I capitalized The Universe??? I have always been a strong believer in other worldly "powers-that-be" and I mean, what is any more mysterious/magical than da UNIVERSE?! Nothing, that's what.

Speaking of otherworldly, my birthday passed a bit more than a month ago (omg possibly verging on two months, how long have we neglected our poor blog?!) and I got some very celestial, witchy lil play thangs. I've decided I will soon be doing a fashion post regarding modern witch attire a la Cami, as well as a witch-haul/essentials/my journey through Wicca. Ooh and maybe some general fashion lookbooks of what I wear day to day when I'm not a lazy butt. Also I thought it would be cool if I did some style icon posts! Who's down for that?

Anyways, I realize I am crazy ranting, but I am slightly frizzle frazzled and for some reason decided catching all of you peeps up on Kate and I's current life sitch was a good way to beat stress. I can't tell if it's working.

Actually, I will force Kate to do a lil update-y post of her own as I do not want to take responsibility for giving you all the downlow on her life. I would probably sound dumb and make her life sound boring when it is really jammin!

I will however tell you that for school Kate and I have been required to write some blog posts on chemistry related subjects, and just to keep this blog updated I'm thinking we're going to start a new Science and Tech section for all the lovelies out there who like this sort of stuff, just like me n Kate. I think it could be super cool and I know we've put a lot of effort into the posts, so stay tuned for some of those ya'hear?

Alrighty, I am officially tapped out. I must now go and try to do some calculations for chem and quietly weep into my notes. Possibly eat a lime popsicle after as a reward. Actually fuck that, I'm gonna eat it now and then work. I need the motivation.

Ciao babes,


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