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Saturday, 31 January 2015

DIY: Pennants (That Aren't Lame and School Related, More Like You Related)

Heeeeyyy there!

So I've been meaning to do a DIY post for a while now, but I'm somewhat of a procrastinator, which is why I sometimes end up posting my monday quote on a thursday. Whoops.


So here it is, a lil DIY for a rainy day or when you just decide you need a pennant adorned on your wall, I gotchu.

DIY Pennant

1. Collect yo materials


What You'll Need:

a) Scissors
b) Thread n' a sewing needle (or glue if you are a klutz and will blind yourself with a needle)
c) A large square piece of fabric (you can also substitute with felt, etc.) 
d) A stick (you can also use some kind of cute wood thing from Micheals or whatevah, I just didn't)
e) Some string to hang your pennant
f) Whatever lil accessories or fun things you want! Think glitter glue, googly eyes, lace trim, etc.
g) I am also providing a rough template of the shape I used for my pennant that you can print out, but you can always improvise! (It's a bit wonky from the scanner mais c'est la vie!)

2.  After you've cut out your shape, decorate your pennant people! It's the best part!


I decided to go with a cow patch I had cut out from another fabric because I'm vegan and all, and why not hang a cute animal I love on my wall? Plus the cow is glow in the dark, boo ya! But you can honestly do whatever you'd like. When I make a felt one, I am definitely going to cut a C out of the center and surround it with glitter and other weird things. Here I just sewed the cow right onto the pennant with white thread and tied two small knots on the back since they'll be facing the wall. If you're using felt or another material, feel free to glue things on etc.

Note: make sure you're not decorating too high, since there's a gap of fabric at the top meant to go around the wood on your pennant, and it won't be visible! 

If you're not adding anything tricky around the borders, just skip to part 3. Here I'll just show you what I did for the lace trim.


First, I folded the trim to figure out the point where it needed to be cut. After I cut it, I flipped one of the lace trim sides over and then evened out the bottom of the pennant so it looked uniform. After fooling around with the placement of the lace for a while, I was finally happy with it and pinned it directly onto the pennant so it wouldn't shift around while I was moving the pennant and sewing. If you have a sewing machine (I do, but I won't be using it for this) you can feel free to use the straight stitch, but for me, because it's lace and the border is so small, I'm opting out to just use the needle.

3. Attaching your stick n' flag

Here, you can either do what I'll be doing, which is:

a) sewing my flag around the stick OR 
b) you can directly glue (hot glue gun, non of this elmers glue stick crap) your flag onto the stick

If you're gluing it on:

From the beginning I would suggest cutting the top half of the flag off if you're using my template.
Then once you've finished decorating, you would glue along the stick and place the flag directly onto it, so that your design is on the outside of the stick (so it isn't visible when your pennant is hanging up).

If you're sewing it on:

Ok so here, I'm folding the extra top material from my flag over the stick so it looks like this:

And am now going to pin and sew starting from the back of the pennant so that the stick is secure in the fabric.

4. Attaching the string

Ok so here we are pretty much just tying the string to both sides of the stick so that it can be hung up.


Hang your beautiful creation of awesomeness somewhere for you to bask in it's glory. Because hey, look at you go, being all crafty! If you don't want to put a little nail/thumbtack in your wall, you can slap some of that beautiful washi tape on there to hold it up, hang it on your doorknob or buy some of those small, easy stick and peel hangers that don't damage walls. And hey, short on birthday present ideas? WABAM! Whoa now, are you getting excited at this possibility or is it just me?!)

N' there you go- C


  1. This is so cool!! I'm making one next weekend for sure :)

    1. thanks so much! I hope it works out well and if you have any questions just comment!