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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fashion and Beauty: Just in Time For Fall


I love it. I love the rain, the constant grey skies, the smell, everything. There's a reason it's my favourite season. 

With all of these fall favourites on my mind, I thought it was high time I started up my beauty and fashion section on this blog. So today, I am giving to you, my fall favourites/fall wish list. 

1. A cute n' warm sweater

I think by now we all know this is a fall wardrobe staple by now. Especially if you live in Canada like I do, it gets cold pretty fast, and having cute sweaters handy to throw on are a must for the season. I also just tend to get cold really easily (I blame my mum's genes), so sweaters are my best friend this time of year. Paired with a super cute scarf or what have you, ugh, the amount of cosy-ness that will be experienced is making me totally pumped! 

Right now I'm totally coveting this sweater from American Apparel: 

      (It just looks so frackin cozy)

2. A rain jacket that doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing ugly

Ok, what is it with rain jackets and being fucking ugly? I'm sorry, but come oooonnnn. All I'm asking for here is something super adorable yet functional. I've found that if you find a rain jacket that's not the colour of puke green or neon orange (even writing the word neon orange makes me cringe), it's not very waterproof. Sigh. How am I supposed to brave the beautiful rain of fall without a rain jacket? I need to look like a windswept rain goddess, not a drowned rat. This is why these jackets are so slammin'; they are pretty much my saviours:

(This girl makes some of my favourite clothing, the link to her etsy is in the sidebar under links n other stuff I think)


 I realize you're thinking, didn't you just say rain jackets were so dull? Why would I choose this black one? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. I tried this on in Boston, and it is one of the classiest, most flattering rain jackets of all time. And I love black. So it works, ok?


Agh! I actually adore lazy oaf. It doesn't help that it's Australian. And that it's on the opposite side of the world from where I am. And that shipping sucks because hello, expensive. But I still can't help loving it! They tend to do a lot of colabs with other companies, and this summer they did the cutest line of Garfield inspired clothing, I could've died. Anyways, this rain jacket is the bomb. Plus I love those duck umbrellas, which you can actually also get at American Apparel, conveniently!

3. A good pair of boots

Personally, I'm covered in this area. I wear my Doc Martens all through the fall, winter and spring. They are my warrior boots and can survive through pretty much any weather, while still making me look badass. I'd say that's a pretty rad buy. But I do know I've been dreaming of the day I'll own a pair of Hunter rain boots. Ah, what a dream. Something like this:

Or this: 

Or even these cute short ones:

would do me just fine! One day....

4. A good lip balm and hand moisturizer

Not necessarily fashion, but I think part of looking good is feeling good, not to mention no one likes chapped lips and cracked knuckles. 

Now I don't know about you, but I've started getting severely cracked knuckles in the winter (wow mum, thanks again for your awesome genes!) and it's starts when fall rolls around. Personally, I use The Body Shop "Hemp Hand Protector" which is all organic and fair trade, which is always a nice little added bonus. Plus the fact that I'm pretty much using weed hand moisturizer...

( yes, the tube looks weird, it's because it has been lovingly and obsessively used)

I also adore all of the eos lip balms. I think they're super cute, easy to apply, work amazingly well and always manage to taste so so good. My favourites are the ones from my Alice in Wonderland collection (blueberry, strawberry and vanilla) though the other day a friend of mine had vanilla chai and it smelt SO MAGICAL. They truly are an evolution of smooth.

So, I hope you've found this helpful. Or entertaining. Or maybe none of these. But even if you didn't like it, you can expect more fashion and beauty posts in the future (sorry, I like 'em, so you'll have to live). All I can say is, I hope you feel prepared for my favourite season! Cos it really is the best, and you should enjoy it, cosy and all. ▫️

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