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Friday, 3 October 2014

Life Post: It's That Time of the Month...

Sometimes a guy friend will want something from my backpack, and I'll vaguely gesture towards a pocket. And then I realize that's where my tampons are chillin out. For me, I'm always caught between feeling embarrassed and just being like 'fuck it' if a guy sees my tampons. WHY IS THIS?! Honestly, I wish I could be like 'fuck it' all the time! I would take a launch canon to school and just shoot tampons at people like we're at a sports game. "You get a tampon! And you get a tampon! And you, and you!! Whee!" Except it's not like that. For some reason, periods are looked at as one big taboo (they used to think girls n their periods were a sign of witchcraft n satan's possession). Except hello. BEING FERTILE IS AWESOME! Why shouldn't periods be celebrated? Why can't tampons and pads be ok to talk about in public (whatever my friends n I do anyways), without weird stares?

Mind you, Kotex definitely brought a new level to the whole game when they came out with their line of super cool period supplies and commercials that essentially said fuck you to everyone who thought a girls period was all about pms and chocolate cravings. I do know personally my favourite brand is playtex sport, because surprise, you don't have to wear them just while doing sports. And so you're mega comfy all day.

Here are some of the funniest commercials ever, for this brand called HelloFlo that sends girls care packages when their time of the month comes. The first one is about a girl having her "first moon party" when her mum catches her faking her period, while the second is about a girl who becomes the "camp gyno" when she's the only one who's gotten her period at camp. Both of the girls are super spunky and definitely not ashamed about their periods!

First moon party:

I guess I just try to go with the flow (ha get it, ok bad joke). If a guy sees my tampon, so be it. Sometimes, one will fall out of your locker at school, or you'll realize like I did that you have a tampon bookmark in your math textbook you had forgotten about (Cami situation), but it's all ok. Just strut like the goddess you know you are and the next time a guy sees your tampon, just smile and say "fuck ya I menstruate,  what of it" like you're the baddest of them all. ▫️

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